Friday, January 29, 2010

Kid C and the Case of the Burritos

I'm off to Vegas today! I'm going with 2/3 of the Six. Numbers 1, 2, 4, and 6. 

My weekend away feels like providence, because Kid C has a case of the burritos. 

You see, we don't really say the "d" word a lot at my house. You know, the word for the runs? Because if Kid C knows that word, then he'll use that word every time he has a little tummy-ache, or even a headache, and everyone around him will run for the hills.

Anywho, one morning this week, I actually called it the "d" word. I only used it once, but I basically said, "Hopefully it's just something you ate, and it's not a case of ["d" word]."

After school, Kid C came home and I asked how he was feeling. He said, "It's bad. I think it's a case of the burritos."

me: "What?"

Kid C: "A case of the burritos. Did you know if you have a case of the burritos for a whole month, you'll probably die?"

me (still totally confused): "Are you saying you ate burritos at lunch?"

Kid C (with a horrified look): "Eeeewwwww. No. I have a case of the burritos."

me (after a few calculations in my brain): "Do you mean a case of ["d" word]?"

Kid C: "Oh yeah. A case of ["d" word]."

I guess he was trying to remember the word I'd used, and the closest thing he could come up with was "burritos". I have to give him credit. They both have double r's. 

So, anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do in Vegas? I'm slightly Vegas-illiterate. I wish I had a huge enough blog where I could have friends in every city and they could show me around. 

Hubby Sam will take over the blog on Monday, so be sure to read and comment so he doesn't feel like a failure. 

What are y'all doing this weekend? Sorry if I forever ruined burritos for you.


  1. My 5yo does that all the time with the word switching. One time he came upstairs and told me there was a peacock in the basement.

    Me: "A peacock?"

    5yo: "Yeah. It jumps."

    Me: "A cricket?"

    5yo: "Oh yeah. A cricket."

    I love it! An adult could never come up with this stuff. "Burritos" for you-know-what is the best!

    Have fun in Vegas!

  2. All I know is, I am the lucky one...I get to stay home in the cold while you have to go to Vegas. Poor you. I am hoping to have the laundry done and the house cleaned while you are away.

    Is there anything that I can do for you while you are 'writing?'

  3. Nikki- Hilarious! I love how they're all like, "Oh yeah. Cricket." like it's totally normal that they get the words mixed up.

    Sam- Yes. My diamond shoes are a little tight. Could you have that fixed when you get a chance?

  4. Terresa Wellborn from The Chocolate Chip Waffle is a local Vegas gal and she might have some tips. ;)

    Have a great time and hope Kid C. is doing okay!

  5. L.T.- Thanks for the tip. Kid C's fine. He's just convinced he's going to die and come back as my father. His mind works in mysterious ways.

  6. Go to shows in Vegas if you have the cash. Go to the Mirage. You can see the tigers and other cool animals there (for free).

    Have with with 2/3 of the six in Vegas. We'll miss 2/3 of you at the thing tomorrow that you're skipping out on! Evil. See if I ever forgive you.

  7. Dude, you're going to Vegas with me. I am the Vegas queen. We already have ideas for where we want to take you.

  8. Have fun in Vegas missy. I'd give you a bunch of ideas but I'm not sure myself. Tar and I stopped there on our way to CA a few months ago and we were going to go to the Shark Reef place but after walking around just to get our luggage in the hotel we were too afraid to go back out. Haha!

  9. Jenni- You have to forgive me. I am going to miss out, but at least you'll have #3 there, and she's really the most important one of all.

    Valynne- Oh good. Are they surprises? Does his first name start with a B, and his last name rhyme with Bananalow?

    Debbie- Las Vegas is scary? I thought there was no bad part of town. Or maybe there's no good part of town. Yeah, I think that's right.

  10. When my oldest and I were there in August we had lunch at Serendipity. They recently opened one at the front of Caesar's Palace, and it was DIVINE! The caesar salad was awesome and be sure to get a frozen hot chocolate. No sightings of Kate Beckinsale or John Cusack, though.

    Love the burrito story, I'll have to pass that along. The best was when we were talking about fajitas one night, but hubby used the 'j' sound, instead of 'h'; 5 yr old then said I can't wait to have 'fagina's!', as in, you know......does that make sense? Tell it is much funnier than reading it.

  11. Something to watch this weekend, if you haven't already:
    Elizabeth Gilbert on creativity:


  12. You have no idea the amount of joy this post has given me :) Thank you for the much needed laugh.


  13. The burritos! That's hilarious! I had a moment of panic the night before my wedding while eating a giant burrito... I was positive that I'd spend the entire time in the reception line sharing the scent of day old burritos with my new family members!

    Kimberly- that's hilarious!

  14. Have fun in Vegas!!! I too, hope Kid C feels better.

  15. I don't know what it is about Vegas but I love it. It's hot, dirty, crowded, and there are some creepy people hanging around but the lights, the music, the food. Can't go wrong (well, I guess a lot could go terribly wrong in Vegas, but you get my drift)

    Have fun & hope that the burritos pass quickly!

  16. We've only had the word mix up with food here. My son kept asking for yogurt even after I told him we didn't have any. Turned out he meant oatmeal.

  17. I'm reading comments! I have no wine-fry (wi fi) but I am reading.

  18. Members 1, 2, 4 and 6. Looks like you're the odd one out. Ba dum ching.

    You know, Sam, you just set the bar for failure for the rest of the SAHH(stay at home husbands). Now we all have to do the laundry and have the house cleaned. At least Sara won't be home till Wednesday so I have a couple extra days.

  19. I honeymooned in Vegas... but you might not want to do most of what I did--or, at least, not without Sam.... :) The Excalibur has a dinner theatre experience where you eat with your hands and watch a jousting tournament with real horses.

    We have trouble with words all the time with my speech-delayed 4-year-old. He can't be bothered to put all those dang consonant and vowel sounds together (yes sounds like "Wa!"), so any clear word he says gets praise--even if it's not what he meant. :)

    Hope you're having fun in Vegas! Are you sure Sam won't show you up on Monday? What if we like him better?

  20. I got nothing for you. I seem to remember being kind of bored when I went to Vegas....