Monday, January 10, 2011

I Can No Longer Stay Quiet: I Love Anna and the French Kiss, and I own a set of Brass Knuckles

I normally don't recommend books on the blog. It gets me in trouble a lot, because there are usually three reactions:

1. I loved it too. Thanks.

2. I didn't love it. And I want my $17.95 back. And I want you to give it to me.

This reaction is usually accompanied by pitchforks and torches. Probably because of the tough economic times out there.

3. I gave it to my teenage daughter, based on your approval of it, and it has this word in it, and we don't talk about this word ever, and we don't say this word ever, and I don't appreciate you paving my daughter's pathway to hell. 

Yes, I really have received each of these reactions. Hence, the avoiding of recommendations on the blog. Plus, now that my own book is coming out, I feel like I'm judging my own colleagues.

But, I am in love, and I can no longer hide it.
I started Anna and the French Kiss when I needed a five minute break from my own revisions. I finished it six hours later. This was just before the Christmas break, and since then I've read it probably two times more. 

It tells the love story between Anna and a boy named St. Clair. I love this book. And I'm ready to take our relationship to the next level. (Which involves it falling in love with me back, we move to Paris, and I have its babies.)

I recommended it to my niece, who also devoured it in a day or two, and last night we were gushing over it at dinner. 

She's all, "I really want to find someone like St. Clair."

I'm all, "Me too! I totally love him."

She gives me a strange look, and says, "Well, you probably wouldn't want to find him."

And I think, she's already claiming our fictional version of St. Clair for herself? We shall battle!

But then she continues, "Because, you know, you already have a husband."
And I was shocked to discover she was right. But my teenage self is a completely different person than my actual self. This is why I write YA. My teenage self is alive and well.

I told my hubby (who's totally an adult version of St. Clair. Trust me, Honey.) I wanted to write a book exactly like Anna for my second book. 

And he's all, "But you write dark paranormal, and Anna is contemporary romance. On the lighter side."

Yes, but book 2 is not written yet.

"But your book 2 is part of a series, and book one is dark paranormal."

But maybe book two can show my main character moving to France, and taking a break from all the dark paranormal stuff to fall in love in the city of lights!

"... But... your main character is... sort of... already in love."

Shut up! I hate you!

I love Stephanie Perkins for introducing me to such a great book, but I also blame her for sucking away all my time, and for writing a book I'll never be able to write!

So, have you read it? What did you think?

And if you decide to read it based on this post, please leave your pitchforks at home, and please review it yourself before you go giving it to your teenagers, and if you are a teenager, please understand that I will use brass knuckles to fight you for St. Clair. Husband or no.


  1. I LOVED this book! And yes, I totally fell in love with St. Clair. So. He's mine.
    Don't make me get out my nunchucks!

  2. I have heard so many good things about this book! WHY do I not have a copy of it yet? And, while we're making weapon threats, did I mention my house is full of swords and I have a black belt? :)

  3. Shari- Nunchucks are scary. Especially since I spent the first two-thirds of my life spelling it "numb-chucks". Which are even scarier.

    Jenilyn- If you pull out your swords, and go all "black belt" on me, I will simply pull out my gun, and go all "Indiana Jones just shoots the guy with all the cool sword moves" on you.

    You have been warned.

    p.s. I hate guns.

  4. I haven't read it yet but I hear great things and I promise not to pitchfork you after reading it. Maybe regular fork, though. ;)

  5. L.T.- Can we make it a plastic spork?

  6. So many people have gushed about this book. I have no choice but to read it now.

    And don't worry Brodi, I forget I'm not a teenager anymore, too! (Why does 30 have to sound so old?!)

  7. i haven't read it...but now i want to.
    and i want to take my brass knuckles AND nunchucks to those of you who say thirty is OLD!

    seriously people...seriously?

  8. 30 is totally not old. Neither is 34. Or 35. Or... how old am I this year again? Honestly, I lost track at 17.

    I so want to read this book now. Have a feeling I'll have to send you a present for recommending it. And to distract you from St. Clair so I can steal him.

  9. Dorien- Do not aim those nunchucks at me. I wasn't the one who said 30 is old!

    Robin- I don't think you got the gist of my post. St. Clair IS MINE!

  10. Sure, sure. Heck, I don't even know him yet. You can totally claim him... for now....

  11. I actually didn't know how to spell nunchucks until I googled it just moments ago! In fact my husband nearly fell off his chair when I yelled from the other room, "How do you spell numbchucks??"

    And 30 is like the new 17 BTW. At least that's what I hear.

  12. I've seen so many recommendations for this book. I'm going to buy it on my Kindle and bump a few other books I want to read out of the way.

  13. Robin- by the time you fall in love with him, we will have eloped to France.

    Shari- Exactly! And 50 is the new 16.

    Jenni- Do it. But don't let your expectations get too high, so that nothing can reach them. Clear your mind... erase your expectations... and enjoy.

  14. Ah, how I LOVED this book! I just have to make him taller for me. So you can have short St. Clair, and I'll have tall St. Clair. Deal?

  15. Sara- Um, if there are TWO St. Clair's, I'll take them both. But you can have the third one.

  16. Heh, now that I've seen three authors recommend it, I'll definitely have to read it next time I go to the bookstore. XD

    Sounds pretty cool, too. Though I'm not sure how much good it'll do for my self-esteem, if it's so awesome... |D

    Oh, well! :) *adds to must-read list*

  17. I want to read this book. If I hate it, I won't send you an angry email, instead I will just let the aggression seethe quietly inside and come out as passive aggressive comments and actions until it slowly eats me away. Just kidding, I'm sure it is great!

  18. You have definitely got me interested in this one. I have seen "Anna and the French Kiss" before, but have not been able to read it yet. I am going to have to rectify that. Soon. From what you've said, this St. Clair must really be something. Is there a way to make multiple copies of him? :)

    I have to admit, there are a couple of male literary characters that I truly wish I could pull out of the pages! You know the author has done his/her job when you completely fall in love with a character.

  19. I love it! I think we all want to run away and write a different story occasionally. I can't wait to read it. Thanks for the recommendation.

  20. Stephanie- Don't let it bother your self-esteem- use it for inspirational purposes! Otherwise, you'll drive yourself crazy. Not that I've ever done that...

    Lulabell- That sounds like a great plan. In fact, that's how I approach any difficult situation.

    Kristin- I just love so many of St. Clair and Anna's interactions. The book is full of magical moments.

    Keersten- The grass is always greener...

  21. haha, yes St. Clair is mine!
    I laughed so hard when i read this blog. thanks for giving me a laugh.

  22. Ellie- Thanks for loving the book like I do!

  23. I had it on hold at the library but decided this would be a book I should own. I'm buying it. And then we're going to go do lunch because once a year at the christmas party isnt enough.